Sunday, 16 August 2009

Balloonimals, IDEO Toy Lab

This app is simply for fun, a silly balloon animal game that takes full advantage of the iPhone's various functions, like allowing players to "blow up" balloons,shake them into animal shapes and then pump them up with air until they explode.

My daughter's favourite bit was how the completed animals made various silly noises and motions if you poke them into different places. A good game for a variety of ages, as even small children can play and the instructions are very clear. There's also a teaser "LITE" version available for free, to trial it out.

You'll like it because
: The animation is fantastic, great sense of humor
Too bad: There's a limited number of balloon animals, meaning the product has an attention-span shelf-life.
iPhone Apps users gave it 3/5 stars
Cost: Lite is FREE, Full-fat is £1.19
Ages: Any age can play


  1. Lucia (5) loves the unicorn... it blows colors out of it's horn. Alex (3) - his favorite is the dinosaur and the way ti pops when you blow it up. Does anyone one know of other kids apps which you can blow into?

  2. Hello and thanks for the comment! My favorite kid-friendly blowing apps is Ocarina by Smule, which plays like a wind flute, and iSteam by GreatApps, which allows you to "steam up" a photo and then clear it off.