Saturday, 15 August 2009


Welcome to our first official blog here on KiddyApp, a site designed to help you find the very best iPhone applications for your children. The idea for the site came at a brainstorming meeting myself and friend Patrick were having. We both work in mobile/wireless internet companies in London, UK and both have a passion for the iPhone. In between idea sessions, we talked about what we were up to, our families, kids, the usual. The conversation moved to our mutual love affair with the iPhone, and how it had ended up being something we and our children used in equal measure. We shared our frustration with the limitations of the iPhone Apps Store, and how difficult it was to find quality applications to share with little ones.

Next thing you know, we were making lists of what apps we each had found on our phones. We wondered how people were finding apps for a market like this, and started to snoop around online. We found some sites, mostly fellow bloggers who were parents who wanted to "pass it back" but not too much variety among them.

So here we are. If you're a developer who can't figure out how to get your family-friendly app promoted, a parent who is trying to find the next best "pass back" game or just someone who is passionate about the "small-fry"Phone, come along with us. Let's find and present the best the iPhone has to offer.

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