Monday, 28 September 2009

Bolt RhinoBall, AvatarLabs

If your child loved the film Bolt, they will love this app. At least my daughter did. It consists of two activites: a game where Rhino (the hamster in his ball) dodges city traffic to some serious rock music and "videos", which are really just the movie previews. Regardless, my little one watched these clips over and over, and played the game at length.

Disney and Pixar seem to be coming a bit late to the Apps game, but what they are producing (in this case via AvatarLabs) is naturally of very high quality and represent some of the better quality Free content in Appsland. The game uses the Stay tuned!

You'll like it because: Extremely high quality images - what do you expect when Disney is involved? Engrossing.
Too bad: If you child hasn't seen Bolt they might not get it.
iPhone Apps users gave it 4.5/5 stars
Cost: FREE
Ages: All ages for video, 4-7 for game

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