Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Spot the Difference, ReignDesign

I'm not sure if I can recommend this game, as it humiliated me in my very first play! Seriously, this is a great game to help kids focus and learn to pay attention to detail. It's based on the newspaper/magazine feature where two photos are placed side-by-side with some things in one photo either added or omitted.

Your job is to figure out where the differences *are* and then highlight them with your tapping finger, resulting in a happy yellow circle around the feature, while a clock in the corner counts down your time. But be careful where you tap - if you tap even slightly off the correct area, a red X hits the screen with a crash sound and a vibration so loud and intense, my daughter jumped out of her chair the first time it happened. She laughed immediately after, but still! Zowie.

The Lite version doesn't allow you to choose difficulty level and after 2 plays it asks you to buy, but a good game for a quiet play moment.

You'll like it because: Great to keep your child quietly engrossed.
Too bad: It's actually very difficult, even at the Easy stage, to find all the differences, which can be frustrating.
iPhone Apps users gave it 3/5 stars
Cost: Lite for FREE, £0.59 for all features
Ages: 4-9

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