Monday, 21 September 2009

My Makeup, AppsNMinded (blogged by Kate)

Part of the natural girlie triology (including My Nails and My Hair, natch), My Makeup features 4 girls from the shoulders up. Each girl has a different hair, eye, skin colouring and the player chooses one (each with Gossip Girl-style names like Blake, Tia, Tessa and Brooke) and gets to decide how to make her up. There are at least four choices each of mascara, eyeshadow, blusher, lipstick and nail varish. Add on the earrings and body art and you can create a completely different look each go - especially as you can design each side differently. A facial option complete with cucumber eyes and a facepack finishes off the game. Ahhh.

Our 5 year old daughter loves this app. She spends hours trying out colours and hearing the girls' comments - all in slightly bizzare English accents - "toodles, righty ho, ohhh, that was smashing ..." - and the other sound effects. She is sometimes disappointed that she can't save or send her efforts, although her dad (whose phone it is) is relieved as another of her favourites - a bunny dressing game that you can save - has taken up too much of his memory. I sometimes find it a bit flakey - some of the options never seem to work, and others only intermittently. That doesn't seem to bother our girl though, who just moves onto the next colour.

You'll like it because: It's girly, creative, with an almost unending number of colour combinations.

Too bad: Some of the options don't seem to work and you can't send your creation.

iPhone Apps users gave it 2.5/5 stars

Cost: £0.59

Ages: 3-8

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  1. My favorite explicative is “Ooo LaLa!” – comes with the emerald earrings…