Sunday, 13 September 2009

Preschool Adventure, 3DAL

One of the biggest problems with entertaining toddlers is their ridiculously short attention span. What better then, than a 5-in-1 game. Preschool Adventure consists of 5 separate, quick apps:
  • Colors: An underwater scene with 7 color blobs. Clicking on each reveals an sea friend.
  • Body: A monkey with body parts floating all around (no, not as gross as that sounds!); click on the body part and it flies to the correct place, with a perky voice identifying the part.
  • Matching: An animal divided into 3 parts; flick one of the parts and another flies in. Align all the parts of one animal.
  • Sounds: Click on a farm animal and hear its voice.
  • Shapes: Five little moon creatures - click on them to hear their shape and color.
You'll like it because: If they don't like one game, they'll probably like another. Excellent graphics, fairly educational.
Too bad: The super-American voices are a bit OTT.
iPhone Apps users gave it 3.5/5 stars
Cost: £0.59
Ages: 2-5

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