Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Make a Martian, 3DAL

This is one of those games that is great for boys or girls - boys because it includes monster space aliens, girls because it allows you to "dress them up" with various body parts. The premise of this animated game is simple: you get to Make An Alien by choosing a body shape, wings, eyes, mouth, what colour each element is, etc. - in a kind of never-ending list.

The premise of this game is simple and it is very easy for even the smallest child to play with. All they have to do is start pushing buttons to get the idea.

You'll like it because: You can save a "photo" of favourite combos into your Photo Gallery.
Too bad: You'll be asked to view a new Martian every two minutes.
iPhone Apps users gave it 3/5 stars
Cost: £0.59
Ages: 2-8

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